Why AdmitJet

Why Us

We use our core values and practical experience to follow a strict code of conduct throughout the entire development cycle, from the initial stages to the final implementation, in order to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

7+ Year of Experience

Since 2016, we have gained extensive experience in handling and implementing various projects related to electric bike production.

Experienced Electrical Professionals

Experienced Electrical Professionals and Sales Team work in tandem with Customers to provide on time commitments

1000+ Clients

Over 1000 clients trust us and have given us positive testimonials and repeat business.

High Quality Standard

We have high standards for quality and test and analyze every project using planned and organized approaches and IT protocols.

Timely Delivery of products

We understand the importance of delivering on time and prioritize delivery based on customers needs and deadlines.

Creative And Innovative Ideas

Our open bench platform allows for creative and innovative ideas to be shared and executed within teams.

Active Support

We provide proactive support for troubleshooting issues both onsite and offsite.

Systematic approach to workflow management

We follow a systematic approach to workflow management with proper reporting hierarchies to ensure client queries are addressed and completed within a specified timeframe.


We maintain transparency with our clients from the beginning of the order to delivery and implementation, including our support and annual maintenance contracts.

Our Technology

Battery technology, electric motor technology, control systems, lightweight materials, and advanced manufacturing processes for frame fabrication and assembly.

Knowledge and expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development for designing and integrating these technologies into the final product.

Admitjet, a leading manufacturer of electric dirt bikes and electric surfboards, offers several technological advantages that set its products apart from traditional gas-powered alternatives.

Some of the key technological advantages of Admitjet include:

1. Electric Motor Technology: Admitjet's electric dirt bikes and surfboards are powered by high-performance electric motors that offer instant torque and acceleration. These motors are also highly efficient, providing longer ride times and faster charging.

2. Battery Technology: Admitjet uses advanced lithium-ion battery technology to power its electric dirt bikes and surfboards. These batteries offer longer life cycles, faster charging times, and greater energy density than traditional lead-acid batteries.

3. Regenerative Braking: Admitjet's electric dirt bikes and surfboards utilize regenerative braking technology, which recaptures energy during braking and converts it into usable energy to extend ride times and improve overall efficiency.

4. Advanced Control Systems: Admitjet's electric dirt bikes and surfboards are equipped with advanced control systems that provide precise control over the vehicle's speed and performance. These systems also offer safety features such as adjustable speed limits and anti-lock braking.

5. App Integration: Admitjet's products can be controlled and monitored through a dedicated smartphone app. This app provides real-time data on the vehicle's performance and battery life, as well as remote control features such as vehicle tracking and anti-theft alarms.

6. In addition, Admitjet utilizes lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber for frame fabrication and assembly. This reduces the overall weight of their vehicles, improving performance and handling while also providing durability and strength.

7. Finally, Admitjet employs advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency in their products. This includes precision machining, 3D printing, and rigorous testing and quality control procedures throughout the production process.

Admitjet offer several technological advantages over traditional gas-powered alternatives, including improved performance, efficiency, and safety features, making them an excellent choice for off-road and water sports enthusiasts.


Admitjet offers a range of benefits to customers looking for electric dirt bikes and electric surfboards, including:

1. Eco-friendly: Admitjet's electric products are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and reducing carbon footprint.
2. Low maintenance: With fewer moving parts than traditional gas-powered engines, Admitjet's electric products require less maintenance and fewer repairs, saving customers time and money.
3. Quiet operation: Electric motors produce less noise than gas engines, allowing riders to enjoy their outdoor adventures without disturbing others.
4. Improved performance: Admitjet's electric products feature advanced technology and engineering, providing powerful performance with quick acceleration and smooth handling.
5. Cost-effective: While the initial cost of purchasing an electric product may be higher than a gas-powered one, Admitjet's electric products offer long-term cost savings through reduced fuel costs and maintenance expenses.
6. Versatile: Admitjet's electric products are versatile and suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including off-roading and water sports.
7. Fun and easy to ride: With simple controls and intuitive design, Admitjet's electric products are fun and easy to ride, suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Admitjet offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for customers looking for an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and high-performance option for their outdoor adventures.


Admitjet prides itself on producing high-quality products that are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road and water sports.

The company uses advanced manufacturing processes and lightweight materials to create durable frames that are both strong and lightweight.

The electric motor technology and control systems used in Admitjet products provide superior performance, while the battery technology ensures long-lasting power.

Admitjet also has a team of experienced engineers who specialize in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development, ensuring that each product is built to the highest standards.

All products undergo rigorous testing and analysis to ensure that they meet the company's strict quality standards before they are released to the market.

Additionally, Admitjet provides excellent customer service and support, offering warranties and replacement parts as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

We Commited

We are committed to providing our customers with top-of-the-line electric products that are not only innovative but also reliable and safe.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the materials and technologies we use, as well as our rigorous testing and inspection processes.

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering exceptional products that meet their needs and exceed industry standards.

At Admitjet, we are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers and ensuring their satisfaction with every purchase.


1. Client 24/7:

We use our core values and practical experience to follow a strict code of conduct throughout the entire development cycle, from the initial stages to the final implementation, in order to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

2. Experienced Team Leader:

Over 7 years of experience, hundred thousands of products sold. Offers direct, honest, and accurate answers to any questions or problems that may arise in the transaction.

3. Influence and Reputation:

Our clients submitting LOWER offers than the competition and getting accepted because of our rapport and relationship with the listing agents.

4. Certificates:

CE, RoHS, EEC, COC, ISO9001 ISO14001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System.

5. Delivery in Time:

We have sufficent stock and strong production ability to ensure delivery time, lead time shorter than 90% suppliers, 99% orders can be shipped in time.

6. Excellent Customer Services

Most of our past clients have given us a 5-star rating. We set clear expectations and set a goal to meet and exceed them.

7. Building Relationships:

We continue to strengthen communication with customers, constantly understand customer needs, and continue to improve products and services to meet customer needs. The positioning of our relationship with customers is: mutual help and equality.

8. Bussiness Philosophy

We have full confidence to believe our products could get you good market and profit, our fashion products with good price and quality could make both sides win-win business. Our Business Philosophy is that the win-win cooperation is the really success.

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